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Strategic Purchasing

"Our wide selection of programs, products, and market knowledge is unmatched by competitors."

- Dennis Hatton

Supply-chain: We vet our suppliers ensuring that the product you receive is of the highest quality. By communicating frequently with our suppliers we are better able to ensure products are not delayed. 

Product variety: From technology to gifts, food and beverage, and every day products we help you offer the variety your customers expect.  

Pricing: Fair pricing is a guarantee. We ensure this by producing a creative business model that supply's the quantities you need. 

Payment options: Working for you, we provide payment options including cash or check, EFT, and more. ​


"Black Pearl dedicates itself to the customers needs and wants."

- Jerry Cain

Ease of Ordering: Accounts are served on a bi-weekly schedule. Ordering is easy. Our sales team is available by phone or email to help ensure you are always stocked. 

Speed of Delivery: One to two days is the maximum time you'll spend waiting for your products. 

Reliability: Personalized service is important to us - and to you. We know your average order, we strive to meet preferences. 

Full-Service: Our delivery includes product pricing, rotation, and stock.

Inventory Management

"We offer niche products to fulfill your customers needs/wants at a value to both you and your customers."

 - Dennis Hatton

Flexible quantity: To ensure you have correct product amounts, and are not over paying, we break down most products to sell individually, helping to reduce inventory levels. 


This provides us the strategic ability to  offer no minimum ordering quantities. 

Product trail: We appreciate product experience and offer you the ability to try new products without the headache of returns.

Predictive ordering: To ensure your shelves are stocked, we work between supplier and your store to help ensure little to no delays occur.


New and returning customers - we look forward to connecting! 

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